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Bob Bonitz[1] SMALLToday I’m welcoming RC Bonitz, author of A Little Bit of Baby, a contemporary romance.

Thank you for stopping by, RC!

All about RC Bonitz…

RC Bonitz was born in New York City a long time ago and grew up in Long Island farm country. At eighteen he met a pretty girl and announced he would marry her. They’ve celebrated more than fifty anniversaries so far. They have five children and twelve grandchildren they’re very proud of.

RC has an unusual background. He’s been an engineer, a building contractor, a psychotherapist, and now an author.

A resident of a small Connecticut shoreline town, he spent many years sailing and racing, but now finds pleasure writing and bass fishing from an ancient red canoe. In addition to short stories, he has three novels to his credit at the moment (A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, and A LITTLE BIT OF BABY). He is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Ct. chapter of RWA and the Ct. Authors and Publishers Association.

And, he’d love to hear from you via his blog at http://www.rcbonitz.com or at rcbonitz@gmail.com.

1. How did your life as a writer begin?

I always wanted to be an author, but I made a number of false starts before a good story just came to me in a full color dream. The next morning I went looking for a writing class and began my first book, A Blanket for Her Heart, with that dream as the prologue. That book was accepted by a publisher in 2012, then abandoned when they made a policy decision to only publish religious books. I put it out as an indie book as a result, since they gave me everything ready to go to press.

2. What makes you feel inspired to write?

I love writing and when I get an idea for a story I just have to run with it. Writing romance, I’m creating a world of happiness that I become a part of as I write.

3. How did you come with the idea for your current story? 

My current book, A Little Bit of Baby, is the second in a sweet series published by Silver Publishing, so it wasn’t born the way my others have been. Usually, I get an idea for an opening scene and go from there, but with A Little Bit of Baby, Jessie and Ike had met in the first book and already had a relationship. I had to throw a few rocks in their way and that requirement determined the design of the opening chapter.

4. What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?

My favorite scene in Baby comes when Ike reveals his last secret, which could lead to a catastrophe. I can’t tell you more than that without revealing too much of the story. I also love the opening when Jessie gets a little tipsy and tries to seduce him.

5. What is the highest goal that you desire to meet as an author? 

Highest goal as an author? Interesting question. The obvious answer would be to make the bestseller list and stay there for a while. Realistically, I’m happy when folks read my books and like them I just discovered one of my books in a local library has been well read- its cover looks rather worn and tattered so it’s getting lots of attention. Hooray

6. Who is the one author that you would love to meet someday and why?

I can’t name only one I’m afraid. Some of my favorites (whom I haven’t met) are Barbara Kingsolver (Prodigal Summer), Angela Huth (Wives of the Fishermen), and Jennifer Crusie (many romantic comedies). Barbara’s lyrical writing inspires me, Angela’s powerful words overwhelmed my emotions, and Jennifer makes me laugh out loud. I am also lucky enough to have a friend and mentor in Kristan Higgins (Catch of the Day, and many other best selling romantic comedies) who is a wonderful friend and a writer of sparkling, delightful love stories… I’ve known her a few years now and she’s been an immense help to me, as she is to many others.

7. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?

Learn to write before you try to write a novel. Find folks who can mentor you or critique your work effectively and listen to their comments. Join a professional writer’s organization. You’ll save yourself years of wasted effort.

8. How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?

Free time? I’m a writer! Don’t we all sit down and write when we have nothing else to do? Seriously, I love writing and find it a pleasure. Though, I must admit to launching my ancient red canoe and going fishing on occasion in the warmer periods of the year. (I live in CT. and at the moment I’m under three feet of snow, so there ain’t much fishing going on!)

9. What do you have in store next for your readers?

I just completed a first draft for a new love story based on a bad boy who becomes a veterinarian (Wade) and a woman who is struggling with an unhappy relationship. (Megan). There are a couple of others contributors to the tale, notably her four-year-old daughter, Jordan, who’s a charmer and a little dog named Perky. At the moment I haven’t found a title for the book, so I may run a contest to find one in the near future.

Baby200A Little Bit of Baby

Jessie Wetherell thinks she’s found her dream guy. Ike Harris is handsome, a little rough around the edges, but a really sweet guy. There’s just one problem. Or maybe two. He keeps disappearing just when she thinks they’re getting somewhere. And he has a secret he won’t reveal. Experience tells her not to trust him, but her heart is having none of that. Should she forgive his mysterious absences- or does he have another woman? Read A Little Bit of Baby and find out.


Jessie Wetherell lugged a load of dirty dishes into the kitchen and set them on the counter. Customers still poured into Tony’s Ristorante, but her shift had ended five minutes ago. From the looks of the crowd Tony’s twenty-fifth anniversary party could go on all night, but she had a date. No way did she want to keep handsome Ike Harris waiting. She drained her glass of Tony’s homemade grappa, gasped, grabbed her purse, and after a quick goodbye to all, she hurried out to her car

Jessie laughed. Despite the free food, the regulars had given her good tips. She should go out and buy herself a present, or do something silly just for the hell of it. Her crazy sister would be getting married after knowing the guy just a few short weeks. Of course, Brian had taken a bullet for her, so no wonder Diane loved him. And Jessie happened to be dating his best friend, the sweetest man she’d ever met. Just thinking about Ike Harris warmed her heart.

Twenty minutes after leaving work, she parked her ancient green Ford behind the beautifully restored old Caddy sitting in front of her apartment house.

“Hey, bright eyes, it’s about time you got home,” a now familiar voice said as she slid out of the car.

Her pulse quickened. She turned with a smile. Red-haired, chisel-jawed Ike leaned against a lamppost, a grin plastered on his face, all six feet of him just brimming with pleasure and happiness. And a little expectation if she knew men.

“I’m not late. Your watch is wrong.”

He chuckled. “Hey, no excuses. We’ve got places to go and things to do.”

A bubble of warmth filled her heart. “With you? No way.”

“That’s what I like. Easy going, cooperative women.”

“Me? You missed the boat, my friend,” she said, mock serious.

Eyes twinkling with silent laughter, he said, “Damn, and I thought you were something special.”

“You’re sure you don’t think I’m simpleminded? ‘Cause I know what you’re after.” His playfulness, the easy banter they exchanged, thrilled her. What a wonderful man, Ike Harris. “Where are we going?”

He touched a finger to his lips and then to hers. “I thought you might like to join Brian and your sister to celebrate their engagement.”

Jessie frowned. Why didn’t she know about this? “They’re partying tonight?”

“Yup. And the Wetherell sisters need to be together when one gets engaged.”

“Geez, I need a shower first,” she said, and opened the lobby entrance to the apartment house.

Ike followed her inside.

She turned and poked a finger in his chest. “Whoa there, cowboy. Where are you going?”

“Mind if I come in and wait?”

The sparkle in his eyes made her warm all over. She trusted him. That amazed her. There weren’t many men she could say that about. They’d known each other a couple of weeks and, despite what she’d told her sister, he hadn’t made half a pass so far. “Okay, but behave yourself.”

“You have my word of honor.”

She threw a deliberate glance in his direction. Ike wore a beatific smile. “Maybe you should wait in the car.”

He laughed. “I’ll be good. Get your shower and let’s head for the hotel.”

Fluffy, her four-year old cocker spaniel, greeted them with wagging tail. She looked up at Ike with big beseeching eyes.

“She wants you to pet her,” Jessie said.

“I know,” Ike said and stroked the dog.

The funny thing? He did know. And Fluffy had taken to him the first time she saw him. Jessie watched the dog respond to his gentle petting. There had to be something important in that. Her dog trusted the man. She shook herself and quickly poured dry food into Fluffy’s bowl, then added water to another and set them on the floor.

Ike fidgeted around her oversized living room, picking up her magazines, studying the flower prints on the walls, studiously ignoring her as she dashed from bathroom to bedroom and back again, clean clothes gathered in her arms. He might be very sweet, but no way would she leave the bathroom again without being fully dressed. Stripping off her clothes, her nipples hardened and a warm tingle started up her spine. Actually, he really didn’t have to be good. They could get to the party late.

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