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Midnight MasqueradeToday I’m welcoming Kate Hughart, author of Midnight Masquerade, Panic, and Words in Black and White: A Book of Poems. Thank you for stopping by, Kate!

All about Kate…

Wife, mother, and writer Katie Hughart  (aka Katie Rice) is living her dream with the support of her family friends and readers. Growing up in Toledo, Ohio Kate has always pushed the boundaries of normal. Now embracing that energy she is launching her creativity into her books; one word at a time. Kate has been married to her best friend for ten years and has an amazing little hazel-eyed boy. With three books published and many more burning under the surface, Kate is excited to share this chapter of her life with her readers, with one hope for all book lovers; which is, simply that they will read, love and read again.

1. How did your life as a writer begin?

Even as a young child, I was creative and liked to tell stories.  In school, I excelled more in English than in Math. In junior high and high school I wrote poems, but never thought much about it.

In 2004, my father passed away; needless to say, I was devastated. Many things about his passing changed my life forever, but one revelation came to the surface and plugged a hole that I had in me for a long time. After his death I had a story in my head and it haunted me for 6 months before I ever picked up a pen, after that day I never put the pen down again.

2. What makes you feel inspired to write? 643901_284180381682301_1733207299_n

I’m inspired by normal stuff like TV and music, but also unusual things like a gust of wind or a shadow I didn’t quite catch out of the corner of my eye. My imagination loves to take off with little stuff like that.

3. What is your favorite scene in the book? Why? 

My main character’s boyfriend gives her his shirt one night and she keeps it to have a piece of him when he goes away…not to give away too much…she gets involved with his cousin and when she see’s her past love again things go amiss – she still has his shirt, she couldn’t get rid of it. *sigh*

4. What is your most interesting writing quirk?

Without fail I can sit in a quiet room and be completely frustrated with the mundane ideas floating around in my mind, but as soon as I start to clean the house or work on a spreadsheet for my job, juicy ideas float around abundantly.  It’s not fair! lol

5. What is in your To Read Pile that you are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for? 

This year my to read pile is quite large…not that it’s different from any other year. 😉 but I’m finishing up the Evermore series, and starting the second Harry Potter book. The book that I’m really excited about is Beautiful Creatures, this looks very interesting and I intend to read the whole series.

6. How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?

Free time?  Please explain.

7. Can you share with us something off your bucket list? 

Cool people say things like sky dive or bungee jump, but the things on my list just include traveling and seeing our country…I wouldn’t mind seeing a few others, especially Ireland, but the USA is a good start.

8. What do you have in store next for your readers?

I’m currently working on a Romance Novel about a poor girl from the country that gets brought into high society about her boyfriend. There’s going to be lots of self discovery, and twists in turns, one of those being that she has history with her boyfriend’s cousin!

All of my other projects are Sci-Fi and Paranormal. I am really into other dimensions, new planets, and Aliens coming to Earth posing as sexy club owners. 😉  I even have a collections of short stories that I’m working on. There’s lots of stuff brewing, now getting them to print! Writing is hardwork! lol

Midnight MasqueradeMidnight Masquerade
Laurel Adam’s was a normal teenager with dreams, aspirations and a bright future ahead of her…until the night her parents were brutally murdered.

And she saw it all.

With no promising leads, the killer is still out there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike again.

Now Laurel’s life has been turned upside down. Haunted by reoccurring nightmares and forced to live in a cramped apartment with her screwed up sister and her sister’s two kids, depression is her constant companion. That is, until the boy she’s been pining after all year finally notices her.

Suddenly Laurel’s future is looking brighter than ever, everything she could have hoped for is coming true. She has the attention of the hottest guy in school, a date to Prom, and the only thing standing in the way of her happiness is his girlfriend, Amanda Price, the queen of her daddy’s checkbook…and Laurel’s mortal enemy.

Worse yet, the mysterious killer seems to have turned up again. And his sights are set on Laurel.


Cara Michelle Malone is attempting to get on with her life after the death of her father. The last few years she has experienced manipulative family members and the heartache of a love that she has been too afraid to pursue. Cara finds herself desperately alone as she re-evaluates her life.

She has always had her best friends there to help her through anything, but with a maniac on the loose she just wants to stay alive. When Cara decides that her presence is putting the people she cares about in danger, she is faced with a hard decision. She has to decide if she will leave her home and give up the love that she has wanted her entire life, or if she will stay and risk the lives of the people she cares about. She has to figure out if she can beat the nightmare in her head and have a happy life, or if she’s going to give up on life altogether.

words coverWords in Black and White: A Book of Poems

Sample poem:

In December my heart sleeps
Blanked by the luminescent snow
In the distance a wolf lightly creeps
For unsuspecting pray that doesn’t knowFor upon deaths door it stands
While it digs up its food hidden beneath grassy strands

It will hop no more, love no more…on the ground it’s void carcass lands
For on deaths door it stands

In December all come before deaths door
My heart awakes at last after the final winter blast
The life of spring rings in my ears and I just can’t remember
Forgotten forever is the death of December

Connect with Katie Hughart

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kateswritingpage

Twitter: @khughart

Blog: http://www.katehughartwriting.blogspot.com/

Book Links

Panic: http://www.amazon.com/Panic-ebook/dp/B006THXMDA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370181186&sr=8-1&keywords=Katie+Hughart

Midnight Masquerade:  http://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Masquerade-ebook/dp/B005OA2E28/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370181186&sr=8-2&keywords=Katie+Hughart

Words in Black and White: A Book of Poems: http://www.amazon.com/Words-Black-White-poems-ebook/dp/B0086OZ32W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1370181186&sr=8-4&keywords=Katie+Hughart