In the ongoing epic Dog vs. Deer, my finger was the loser. A few weeks ago, my yellow lab decided to chase her arch nemesis, “the deer.” My finger got wrapped in the leash and eventually looked like this:IMG_0157

IMG_0159I went to urgent care, and after cutting off my wedding ring, they sent me to another doctor who sent me to a hand surgeon.

Here’s my wedding band in two pieces. I’m hoping for an upgrade this Christmas. Hubby, are you reading this?IMG_0185

I had to have a bone chip and tendon fixed, and now look like this:IMG_0191

So, I’m typing one handed and will take a break from posting author interviews for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, this has also set back the release of my upcoming historical romance, Venice in the Moonlight. Luckily, I have a patient editor, Lorraine Fico-White of Magnifico Manuscripts. I will get those edits back to you eventually, Lorraine, and maybe the pain meds will help my creativity!