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Backcover Promotions is launching on February 1st and there will be a LOT going on. They will be celebrating with a Facebook party and there will be fun stuff going on at their website too! So check both regularly throughout the day. They have lined up some amazing prizes. They have an extensive list to giveaway from their sponsors!!

24 merchandise bundles are lined up to giveaway throughout the day. Plus there will be some amazing discounts on their tour packages and some of their other services. To make the day even more fun they have set up a loyalty card for the event. If you enter 6 contests throughout the day you will get an extra 20% on any discounts giveaway. If you don’t win any of the main contests but still enter 6 contests throughout the day you will get the 25% towards any package you would like. How cool is that?

Everyone is a winner during the Backcover Promotions Launch Day Party!! 

We hope to see you there!!