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photo(5)My mother died a year ago last May, and I’ve been going through some of her keepsakes. Before she married my father, she had a long-term relationship with a man named Ken. I found a few letters that she kept that were written during World War II. I thought I would share one with you. It was written April 19, 1945. My mother would have been a month shy of 19 years old.

Dearest Sweetheart,
Hello Honey – Well – sweetheart – I’ve joined my unit and am real busy now (except today, we’re resting). We’re deep in Germany, practically out the other side. The Jerries are on the run and we’re right after them. In a few days I’ll send you some watches and rings – “souvenirs” that the Jerries are contributing to us.
There is so much racket I can’t concentrate. There was some Heinie aircraft – but now there is a whole slew of ours up there now. So far it hasn’t been very dangerous.
I have everything I need except stationary and air stamps – but I’ve told you about. I haven’t got any more mail from you except those letters we got right off the boat, so one of these days I should get a slew of them. How did you like getting all those letters at once. I guess that made you feel sorry you balled me out about not writing.
I have had lots of funny experiences over here so far haven’t fired a shot. Haven’t had to. The Jerries have been giving up by hundreds – but I guess they are soon going to start fighting. There just was a burst of fire a little ways in back of me. I wonder what caused that!
Well – honey – I hope you like the post war plan I outlined. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. It will start pretty soon – for the war over here will be over in a few weeks – I love you –

I’ll leave you with a saying that mom had next to her high school yearbook senior picture – and was also in another letter that Ken wrote to her. It must have been one of their favorites.

“Late hours are bad for one, but they’re all right for two.”

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