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by Meg Hennessy
Secrets of the Bayous #3
Publication Date: January 25, 2016
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

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Synopsis: Rayna de La Roche once lived a privileged life of a Spanish royal until her brother dragged her to America. In order to return to Spain, she must find a hidden treasure somewhere in New Orleans. She pairs up with a rugged American mercenary, whose mere touch unleashes her deepest desire.

Captain Zachary Nash has been accused of a murder he did not commit. On the run, he’s hired to protect Rayna. As much as he wants her, Zach cannot hope to have her, for she sees him as a common criminal. But keeping his hands off of her while they hunt down the treasure may be his toughest task yet.

As the passion sizzles between the royal and the captain, they’ll have to decide if the treasure is more important than love…


He walked up to her. Standing within an inch or two of her body, he placed a hand to each of her arms. A move that completely shocked her, but they felt warm, strong, surprisingly soothing. “There’s money behind this, which means your life isn’t worth more than a gold eagle. What is it that you have?”

She ran a tongue over her lower lip, trying to think, but she found it hard with his body so close to hers. Her hands itched to press against what she knew would be a hard chest, muscled and strong. But he was talking, and she needed to pull her mind away from her body that wanted to embrace the man before her.

“It is only information to get me home. Leave, leave now.” She turned away from him, away from the warmth, the security she suddenly and so unexpectedly craved. His power over her was most unsettling, and she wanted no more of him or this mission. She wanted to go home. But that wouldn’t happen unless she found the treasure.


She had thought him dismissed, but instead of leaving he wrapped his steely fingers around her wrist and swung her to face him, igniting a deeper interest in him. “Princess, you can try to dismiss me, but you are in a whole world of danger unless you tell me what is in that leather satchel.”

“If I remember correctly, señor, I discharged you and no longer wish for your protection.”

He pulled her up flat against his chest, and the grip on her arm tightened. Winding his other hand in her hair, he forced her to look up at him. Her breasts pushed against his chest with each deep breath she took. His hard, lean frame anchored against the full length of her body, hips flush with his. Her eyes fell to his lips. She licked her own in anticipation. But he did not kiss her, and that alone was insulting.

She looked up at him.

“You are touching a woman of royal blood, señor, with the hands of a commoner,” she whispered.

He said nothing but slowly wound her hair tighter and brought her lips to within a fraction of his, a daring if not outrageous move. “Dead royalty, if the princess isn’t careful.”

He then released her and stepped back. The chain he wore around his neck flipped out of the open shirt with something dangling from the end of it. “I will see you in the morning.”

“You don’t know what discharged means?”

“You don’t know what kind of danger you’re in?”


A Pirate's Command #2 Cover

by Meg Hennessy
Secrets of the Bayous #2
Publication Date: July 28, 2015
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

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Synopsis: His secrets could destroy her…

New Orleans, 1817

Colette Kincaid once knew such love and delicious passion in the arms of her pirate husband, Donato de la Roche. Yet Colette could not continue to live as the wife of a pirate, when reunited with her family. So she fled, taking their son with her and reconciling herself to never seeing her husband again…

Until their son is taken.

Donato is convinced his wife is behind his son’s disappearance-just as she is convinced he is the villain. Now they’re unable to leave each other’s side as they seek their child, forced to confront the desire that still smolders between them. But Donato knows that soon he must face the secret about Colette he’s been hiding for so long. And it’s a secret for which there is no forgiveness…


Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous #1 Cover

by Meg Hennessy
Secrets of the Bayous #1
Publication Date: August 26, 2014
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

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Synopsis: A love kindled behind two masks…

A wealthy woman of mixed blood, Aurélie Fentonot has few options for marriage, but she also carries a burden: she must break a curse placed on the land of her ancestors. She sells herself to an American planter to reclaim the land he stole, though he stirs a deep, burning passion that could too easily distract her. But her American has dark secrets that threaten her plans . . . and could shatter her heart.

A curse that demands their unmasking…

Jordan Kincaid must marry the Creole beauty or face arrest as a pirate before he completes his dire mission. Though he’ll risk everything for revenge, Aurèlie’s soothing and seductive ways remind him there’s more to life than vengeance. But he’s not as he pretends, and when danger closes in on them, Jordan soon learns . . . neither is she.






Meg Hennessy

Award winning author, Meg Hennessy, lives amid rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin and got the bug to write while in college studying Nursing. Besides being a Registered Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meg turned her attention to her writing career. With her father born and raised on Mississippi’s gulf coast, Meg grew up immersed in the culture of an old Southern family and writes with a strong Southern flavor. It was her sense of wonderment when visiting her grandmother’s home as a child that now bubbles upward into her writing of today. She likes to create high-energy characters against historically rich backdrops, offering her readers a vivid peek into the lives and loves of yesteryear. Her first novel, SHADOWS OF A SOUTHERN MOON, was awarded the EPIC award for Best Historical Romance in 2010, WHISPER OF GOLD, was a finalist for EPIC’s Best Western Romance. In 2011, she contracted with Entangled Publishing to write the Secrets of the Bayous Trilogy. The first book, DARK SECRETS, DEEP BAYOUS, was awarded the 2015 HOLT Award of Merit and was a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Book two of the trilogy, A PIRATE’S COMMAND, was released July 2015, and Book three, the final book of the series, A PIRATE’S REVENGE, released January 25, 2016.

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