First Crush, Last Love

Just friends . . .

Back in high school, Lee Archer had the power to make Jessie Baxter’s cheeks flush and her heart race. But the popular athlete never wanted to be more than just friends. Ten years later, after a failed marriage and with her journalism career on shaky ground, Jessie’s come home for her high school reunion—and Lee still has the power to make her knees weak and her pulse pound.

Lee’s teenage years were filled with more trauma and drama than anyone guessed. Though his damaged past has helped make him a successful police detective, it’s hurt every relationship he’s tried. But seeing the grown-up, stunning Jessie might just change his commitment-phobic mind.First Crush, Last Love

Jessie’s psycho ex-husband had her convinced no one would ever love her, but Lee is ready to step out of the friend zone and into her heart. Can she learn to trust again before she loses her chance to turn her first crush into her last love?

Elizabeth McKenna’s novel will have you remembering the angst of high school, the grief of a failed relationship, and the joy of finding true love at last.

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Praise for First Crush, Last Love

Paperback Darling – 5 stars (12/20/17) “Not only were the characters extremely believable in this story, it felt as though they were alive…This story had everything I love in a romance. It was heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking with a hint of suspense that made you turn the pages so fast that it felt as though they were turning all on their own. You will definitely fall in love with Jessie and Lee!”

Taneisha’s Book Blog (10/18/17) “Grab some tissues and dig in. It is a warm and heartfelt story worth reading over and over again.”

Romi Reads – 5 stars (9/4/17) “If you love romance novels set in the 80’s-90’s this book is absolutely perfect! The pacing is really good: not too fast, but also not too slow.

Goodreads – 5 stars (12/2/17) “The story was captivating and drew me in from the start. I loved the character development that both Jessie and Lee went through as they grew up and discovered what they wanted from life. The struggles they went through were extremely well written and kept me, as a reader, invested in their story. The tension caused by the undertones of violence and abuse provided an edge to counteract the sweet romantic elements.”

Goodreads – 4 stars (8/30/17) “This book was just a wonderful read for me! I was in high school in the 80’s so I felt like I was reliving part of my youth. Just a great love story.”

Goodreads – 5 stars (10/5/17) “A story that I really got involved in and couldn’t put down.”

Goodreads – 5 stars (9/29/17) “Elizabeth McKenna has great attention to detail and makes everything from the setting, to the characters feel very real. It makes for a wonderfully written and very authentic novel.”

Goodreads – 5 stars (10/1/17) “I liked that Elizabeth McKenna does not shy away from real topics. She takes the issues head on and brings them to life for the reader.”

Working Mommy Journal – 5 stars (10/17/17) “This is a truly beautiful story of hope, love and a second chance at first love again.”

Amie’s Book Review Blog – 4 stars (10/20/17) “This feel good, second chance romance will put a smile on the face of even the most stoic, jaded reader.”

Cheryl’s Book Nook – (10/23/17) “I really enjoyed this book. The author infused lots of life into the characters, which in turn made the storyline come alive.”

Library of Clean Reads (10/21/17) “I enjoyed the author’s writing style. She can skillfully move the story forward with great dialogue and emotions that are felt through the scenes.”

Divas with a Purpose (10/31/17) “It’s been a long time since I’ve read a love story. I’m glad First Crush Last Love written by Elizabeth McKenna was that story.”