Murder up to Bat

Murder Up To Bat

A Front Page Mystery – Book 2

Mystery with a whiff of romance . . .

After falling in love with the quiet lake life and a certain police detective, former Chicago Tribune reporter Emma Moore trades interviewing jocks for chasing champion cows at the county fair. As a small-town newspaper reporter, she covers local topics both big and small, but when her friend Luke is arrested for the murder of the head coach of his club softball team, she’ll need to hone her investigative skills to clear his name. Emma calls up best friend Grace for help, and together the women go up against cutthroat parents willing to kill for a chance to get their daughters onto a premier college sports team.

The game is tied with bases loaded, and murder is up to bat. Can Emma and her friends bring the heat and win the game?

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Praise for Murder up to Bat

It’s All About the Book – “There are tons of cozy mysteries on the market right now. Some of them work, some don’t. What works here is McKenna’s writing, which is colorful, informal, and very, very relatable. The reader is meant to connect with Emma – she could be us! – and McKenna does an excellent job of making that connection.”

Baroness’ Book Trove – 5 stars “Wow, Ms. McKenna knows how to start the story going with this mystery. Murder up to Bat by Elizabeth McKenna is a great story that ended up being worth the three-year wait. I am rating Murder up to Bat by Elizabeth McKenna with five stars, and I recommend it to all you cozy readers out there. I can’t wait for more of these tales.”

The Book Decoder – 5 stars “I absolutely loved Elizabeth McKenna’s storytelling. The characters are likeable and the murder mystery kept me guessing till the end. The identity of the killer was a huge surprise. The events that lead to Emma catching them red-handed was interesting – it’s not until the end that Emma connects the dots.

I enjoyed reading every bit of this book. If you are looking for an entertaining, enjoyable and unique cozy mystery, I highly recommend you to give Murder Up To Bat by Elizabeth McKenna a try.”

Escape with Dollycas – 5 stars “I enjoyed the first book in this series, set in my home state of Wisconsin, and was thrilled when I learned this book was being released. Let me tell you it was worth the wait. Elizabeth McKenna did not disappoint…The author has written a very tangled-up mystery that was not easy to solve…For me, Murder up to Bat was A Perfect Escape. A mystery with just the right about of romance and engaging core characters!”

A Page Before Bedtime – 4.5 stars “As in her previous books, it took me little to no time to get into and be captured by the story. McKenna does a great job of creating suspense while also making the story easy to follow. With a total page count of just under 200, this is a quick read that covers a weekend in plot timeline and also could easily be completed in one. But don’t mistake the shorter page count for lack of depth. McKenna explores themes of competition in student sports as well as overly-aggressive parents of those athletes. While the story is fiction, I am sure readers can relate (in some way) to the seemingly unrealistic (read: they’re not) behaviors of sideline parenting.”