Venice in the Moonlight

VeniceInTheMoonlight_eBookA Story of Vengeance, Forgiveness, and Love

Considered useless by his cold-hearted father, Nico Foscari, eldest son of one of the founding families in Venice, hides his pain behind gambling, drinking, and womanizing.

After her husband’s untimely demise, Marietta Gatti returns to her hometown of Venice in hopes of starting a new life and finding the happiness that was missing in her forced marriage.

When Fate throws them together, a friendship begins to grow into love until Marietta learns a Foscari family secret that may have cost her father his life. Now, she must choose between vengeance, forgiveness, and love.

Elizabeth McKenna’s novel takes you back to eighteenth-century Carnival, where lovers meet discreetly, and masks make everyone equal.

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Venice in the Moonlight

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Praise for Venice in the Moonlight

2013-best-historical-romanceI was blown away by Elizabeth McKenna’s book Cera’s Place so when she offered me a copy of this story I jumped at it. And again I was blown away. She takes us back in time and mixes mystery with romance flawlessly. The characters are dynamic. The way she describes time and place is just outstanding. This story just flows. My only complaint was I didn’t want it to end. I escaped right into the pages and didn’t want to leave. Dollycas on Escape With Dollycas book review blog (Full review –

Dollycas chose Venice in the Moonlight as the Best Historical Romance of 2013!

I really have to recommend this novel. It’s beautiful and brilliant and I cannot find any flaws within the depths of the words. This is my first time ever reading a novel written by McKenna, but I am quickly looking forward to future releases. Venice in the Moonlight is a remarkable story of enduring loss, suffering and in the end love, and I will forever carry it with me. For the Passion of Romance (Full review –

This is one of those novels that draws you completely into the storyline and keeps you there throughout.  I found myself walking in the main character’s shoes, living through the many trials that she found herself facing.  This was a light, easy read that was simultaneously thought provoking and emotionally charged. Jonel Boyko on Amazon/Goodreads (Full review –

Absolutely loved this book! It’s a historical, a mystery and a romance that peaks over and over again with every chapter. Literary Chanteuse (Full review –

I really enjoyed reading this book. The descriptions were very provocative. Everything from the costumes to the deep emotional loss Marietta experiences show McKenna’s writing range. The twists and turns made it a real page turner. I even became upset when I realized I left my Kindle at home one day and wouldn’t get to see what happened next! Romance and More (Full review –

The Italian atmosphere and murder mystery elements were just icing on the cake. Great descriptive writing with an easy flow that pulls you effortlessly into the story, wrapping you up in the characters and their fate. Entertaining Read! Midnight Attic Reader (Full review –

I was anxious to read this book. I love a good historical romance, and I wasn’t disappointed. The story plays out in an engaging setting during an interesting time frame. The characters are believable, and the lead male character is unique. The paragraphs and chapters flowed smoothly; making it a very quick read. I just kept reading. The romance was built up nicely, but there was also Marietta’s emotional struggles, and a strong mystery suspense element to keep the reader intrigued. Tina Marie Says (

 I found this story while looking around for something different from the same old, same old.  It really surprised me.  The agonizing journey of the heroine, torn between two kinds of love, is written from the gut  and beautifully set in Venice.  I shall definitely be looking for more from the author specially if the other books also have a European setting. Ronnie Stuart on Amazon

The characters are real and vibrant. You come to know each of them personally through McKenna’s talent of bringing them to life. The storyline is remarkable and believable. Each descriptive word McKenna uses pulls you into this story so you can see it, feel it. Angela Ford on Amazon/Goodreads

I loved this short read. I only wished it was longer. Mckenna tells the story so vividly that you feel like you are there in the middle of everything. I would recommend it to everyone to read. Heather on Amazon

It was very well written and I was soon sucked into the story. I loved the description in the novel, I could feel the rushing of the rivers and the myriads of emotions. And the romance oh the romance! Laetitia on Goodreads (Full review –

(4.5) I will be looking at more of McKenna’s pieces for sure because she writes with wonderful imagery (which I am always a sucker for) and realistic characters that I kind of wish I could see again. Sammy the Bookworm blog (Full review –

This story had me with the first line! The image portrayed is wonderful! A surreal moment! That moment captures with a totally restrained focus the helplessness and seething anger of Marietta Gatti’s, set against the background of a dysfunctional marriage and family. So much is weighted by so few words. (Full review –

This book had you feeling every emotion possible and both of the main characters pulled at your heart strings! Fell in love a little with Nico myself and I adored “Kitty.” I loved the strongness of her character and was glad her spunk was still alive after all she has been through. Kelly Smitherman on Amazon/Goodreads (Full review –

(4.5) This book has all of the elements that I look for in a good novel—romance, suspense, unresolved sexual tension and most importantly, love…Venice in the Moonlight is a book that I could see myself reading again and again. It kept me on the edge of my seat, praying that all would work out in the end. Liz on The Hive blog (Full review –

The first chapter blew me away, I felt so sorry for Marietta. The story itself is quite entertaining, you are not sure what is going to happen with Nico and Marietta as the story progresses. Entertaining read. Emily on Musings From An Addicted Reader (Full review –

Recommended read for those who enjoy historical romance but seek something outside the English ballroom. Kim (SOS Aloha blog) on Goodreads (Full review –

Good reading…interesting characters and vivid descriptions. Easy to imagine being there. Good love story between the main characters. I would recommend this book! Kathleen Slattery on Amazon

Cast of Characters

Marietta Gatti – young woman trying to find happiness

Dario Gatti – abusive husband to Marietta, dies from food poisoning

Zeta – Marietta’s maid and closest friend

Nico Foscari – member of one of Venice’s oldest ruling families and Marietta’s future love interest

Raul Orlando – Nico’s companion

Casanova – Nico’s friend and gambling partner

Bernardo Orsini – renowned painter and Marietta’s father

Rosina Scordato – Bernardo’s lover and owner of the Minerva, where Marietta and Zeta stay in Venice

Savio Foscari – Nico’s father and not a nice man

Bella Foscari – Nico’s sister

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