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Hello Readers!

Murder Up To Bat

I’m excited to announce the release of Murder up to BatBook 2 in my cozy mystery series.

Description: After falling in love with the quiet lake life and a certain police detective, former Chicago Tribune reporter Emma Moore trades interviewing jocks for chasing champion cows at the county fair. As a small-town newspaper reporter, she covers local topics both big and small, but when her friend Luke is arrested for the murder of the head coach of his club softball team, she’ll need to hone her investigative skills to clear his name. Emma calls up best friend Grace for help, and together the women go up against cutthroat parents willing to kill for a chance to get their daughters onto a premier college sports team.

The game is tied with bases loaded, and murder is up to bat. Can Emma and her friends bring the heat and win the game?

If you haven’t read The Great Jewel Robbery – Book 1, you might want to start there. Both are standalone cozy mysteries and quick reads!

I’m not going to lie. Writing this book was a struggle, and it took me longer than usual to complete it. I started it days before the 2020 pandemic took over our lives. Unfortunately, my mental health suffered from all of the chaos and tragedies, and I didn’t write for almost two years.

The story was inspired by my experiences watching my daughters play middle school and high school sports and travel softball. My youngest also played college softball. Over the years, I witnessed police intervention due to threatening behavior, profanity-laced tantrums, and umps ejecting people from the ballpark. All because an adult took winning a game or a tournament too seriously. It was often embarrassing and sometimes frightening.

But my daughters’ sports experiences weren’t all bad. They bonded with their various teammates and forged lifelong friendships. They learned teamwork and not to give up despite what the scoreboard read. They also learned the power of sunscreen and Gatorade.

I hope you enjoy Murder up to Bat and will leave a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads.