First-crush-customdesign-JayAheer2017-eBook-completeFirst Crush, Last Love

Just friends . . .

Remember your first crush? How your heart raced and your cheeks flushed whenever you saw him? Jessie Baxter does, and it’s happening again. Ten years ago, despite her best efforts, Lee Archer wanted to be just friends. Now, he wants more, but Jessie’s still recovering from a psycho ex-husband. Can she learn to trust again and make her first crush into her last love?

Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel will have you remembering the angst of high school, the grief of a failed relationship, and the happiness of true love.

Ebook: $0.99 (US) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Paperback: $8.99 (US) at CreateSpace and Amazon

Venice-in-the-Moonlight-EbookCOVERVenice in the Moonlight

A Story of Vengeance, Forgiveness, and Love

After her husband’s untimely demise, Marietta Gatti is banished from the family’s villa by her spiteful mother-in-law. She returns to her hometown of Venice and her only kin—a father she hasn’t spoken to since her forced marriage. Her hope of making amends is crushed when she learns she is too late, for he recently has died under suspicious circumstances. Grief-stricken, Marietta retraces her father’s last night only to discover someone may have wanted him dead—and she may be next. When the prime suspect turns out to be the father of the man she is falling in love with, Marietta risks her future happiness and her life to avenge the death of a man she once hated.

Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel takes you back to eighteenth century Carnival, where lovers meet discreetly, and masks make everyone equal.

Ebook: $0.99 (US) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Amazon (UK), Amazon (India), Amazon (CA), Amazon (Brazil), Amazon (Mexico), Amazon (Germany), Amazon (Italy), Amazon (Spain), Amazon (Japan), Amazon (France)

Paperback: $6.99 (US) at CreateSpace and Amazon

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Cera's Place - Ebook SmallCera’s Place

A Story Wrapped in Love and Justice

In 1869, San Francisco saloon owner Cera Cassidy offers redemption to any woman looking for honest work. At Cera’s Place, men can get a decent hot meal with a whiskey, but if they want anything more, they have to take their desires elsewhere. One summer night, a distraught Chinese girl bursts through the swinging doors with a shocking tale of murder, kidnapping, and prostitution. Outraged, Cera vows to set things right.

Jake Tanner, a scarred ex-soldier haunted by the horrors of the Civil War, is on a mission to fulfill a friend’s dying wish. The trail has brought him to Cera’s door. Captivated by her beauty, he wants to join her fight – but will she let him?

Elizabeth McKenna’s debut novel is a fast-paced adventure filled with memorable characters that will leave you wanting more. Get lost in a time gone by and fall in love today!

Ebook: $0.99 (US) at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Smashwords and Apple.

Paperback: $10.99 (US) at CreateSpace and Amazon.

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The Gypsy Casts a SpellThe Gypsy Casts a Spell

Vadoma Taits has the “sight” and has seen her own death. On what she thinks is her last day on earth, her cousin stabs a man during the annual autumn fair. In her remaining hours, Vadoma sets out to save him from the gallows. When the village’s Marquis rebuffs her pleas for mercy, she turns to desperate measures.

Read the full short story here for free.

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